Ann Arbor Day of .NET Recap

So I spent this past Saturday in Ann Arbor, MI at the Ann Arbor DODN. As was true this past Spring, it was an excellent community event.

BTW, I find so much more value in a community-driven event than I do a sponsor-driven event. It just seems to have a better “feel.” You can’t help but bump into passionate individuals at every turn. Sessions have standing room only, and the crowd is captivated by the content.

This is what the DODN was. Strong community leaders putting together a great event. Strong influential developers giving their professional take on technology. A strong community taking their personal time to further their knowledge. That’s what I call cool.

Congratulations to the leadership of Day of Dot Net Ann Arbor. I’m looking forward to v3 in the Spring.

In the meantime, I’m also going to be speaking at the Memphis Day of .NET on November 10. I need another fix. If you can get there, do it! It will always be worth your while.

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