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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To VA I Go…

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Radford, VA

1) Home to good friend Trampus Smerk.

2) Named after Confederate General Gabriel Wharton’s (1826-1906) wife, Anne Rebecca Radford (1843-1890).

3) My destination this weekend.

Yep, it’s time for a weekend with the boys. Jay Bohland is flying in from Boston. Jim Tocco is driving from Montgomery, Alabama. Greg, Colin, and Mike are driving in from Cleveland. Kevin is driving (after picking up Jay in Raleigh) from some other part of Virginia.

So there will be eight of us set loose on the unsupecting citizens of Radford, VA. I believe the plan is to head over to Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech. I figure at the very least, we should be able to retrace the infamous steps of Marcus Vick. More likely, however, is that we will be frequenting some college watering holes, and just generally being rambunctious.

I’ve also been informed that he who brings poker chips will be shot, AND hanged, so my thinking is that those will be staying at my home for this trip.

I would perhaps like to see a “Village Green” style basketball game if the weather stays nice, but otherwise I have no expectations.

Greg Plantner is picking me up at 6:00 this evening. I should probably start packing.


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