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One Wild Weekend

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OK, as I’ve stated before, I build websites. Not your “I use Frontpage” kind of websites either. We’re talking full-blown, database-running-the-whole-thing, e-commerce-is-easy, but-I-can-make-it-pretty-too kinds of websites.

I have a client who wanted to change an older version of a site I built her into one that had a full shopping cart. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, and I finally had come down to the wire.

I spent 16 hours this weekend writing code. She now has a shopping cart, the ability to use discount codes, quantity discounts, registration for all of the products she offers, and of course, a full sales history of everything that happens on her site.

I’m actually glad to be going back to my “day job.” The weekend wore me out.


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