Emergency Room Visit

So, I spent yesterday in the ER. I woke up about 6 AM with a stabbing pain in my abdomen. It was centered in my front, about 1/2way between my heart and my stomach.

It was, by far, the worst pain I have ever experienced. If a 10 is me getting my hand cut off, this was a 9. I could hardly breathe. I could hardly move. And I scared the crap out of my wife when I collapsed at her side of the bed asking for a ride to the hospital. Sweating profusely, and looking the color of tapioca, we got to St. Anne’s at around 7:00.

Several hours later, I’d had an EKG, given three vials of blood, stood for a chest x-ray, and been filled with a contrast agent so that stuff would show up on a CAT scan.

Final story? We don’t know what was wrong. They hinted at a blood clot, but the CAT scan ruled that out. Sara seems to think it was just bad indigestion. But I’ve heard indigestion and acid reflux discussed by people with their symptoms, and this was not something that was going to be fixed with a purple pill. Anyways, the pain subsided around 10:30, and has been gone since.

On a lighter note, my ER and TV’s ER (or Gray’s Anatomy, for that matter) are vastly different. It was the most boring, slow-moving experience ever. The staff were courteous, helpful, and friendly, but there was nothing exciting whatsoever. Where’s “Boring Hospital With No Blood and Guts” on TV?

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