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The Latest from the Ivory Coast

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Here’s the latest news on the scam-buster front:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for replying my email to you may God bless you I have been worried for not hearing from you , Thank God that you are in good health condition I will like you to contact the bank immdiatly for the release and transfer of this money to you. You have to inform the bank that you are my late father’s business associate and you are acting on my behalf.

The bank’s contact details are as follows:

Email :infoboaabj@execes.com

Below are the example of the message I want you to send the bank.Just copy this message below and send to the bank.Try and get back to me after sending the message to the bank.



I have receive from Aruna Olumide information that he want to transfer his late father’s funds on my account here. His late father Mr Michael Olumide holder of this account number 49569901152 was a close associate of mine. On behalf of his surviving son Master Aruna Olumide I would like to get the balance at his credit transferred to my bank account . Kindly enlighten me on the procedural formalities to be adhered to for early release of the sum.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jeff Blankenburg

While replying this letter please send me the following information:
A). .your personal telephone
B). your picture or company’s identification

Finally, please try to inform me once you contact the bank for the transfer to your designated bank account and seek for my advise avoid making mistakes.when i hear from you i will send you the ludgement reciept Waiting to hear from you.



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