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Yet another post today:

Dear Sir Al Lerner,

Thank you for your relply to me I read your massage with great sense of understanding and i understood all your email to me Please Sir don’t get me wrong My name is Sonia and I am 21 years of age. Sir i send the bank contact to you so that you can start negotiate with them for the ealy release of the fund. I have suffered so much to see that this money is transfered so i can get on with my education which i was force to aboudon after the death of my father before i get you. I was so despirate on my last email to you please don’t get me wrong Sir.

I strongly believe that my money can be save now that you told me how old you are.Please Sir I will like you to contact the bank with the information that i gave you for urgernt release of this fund into your stated bank account. Sir I will like to relocate to America once I heard that this money is transfered to you. please sir once you contact and hear from the bank let know all there saying to you . Sir i like watching foot ball and i am so happy that you own an american foot ball team over there I will like to know the name of your team sir if you don’t mind? Sir i wait anxiouly to hear from you Thank you and God bless you

Sonia Olumide

My response:

I have some excellent contacts at several prominent universities here in the United States…after we get this situation resolved for you, I would be able to make some phone calls. Certainly someone with a background such as yours would be eligible for admission to Harvard or Stanford.

I own the Cleveland Browns football team. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, because they didn’t exist for a few years, but I had been a fan of the team since my childhood, and hated to see them disappear. It is a wonderful organization, and the next time you are in the United States, you would be welcome to join me for a game.


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