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The response of the day…

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Today’s message:

Dear Al Lerner ,

I am so happy that you have successfully contacted the bank May God bless you for all your effort to me I stroungly believe that the bank will surely get intouch with you before the end of this week i have wretting to them asking them to acept your request on my behalf and I also told them that you are my guardian who is now taking care of me. So once you hear from the bank let me know.I know that we did not know each other but please Al Lerner when replying to my email send me any of you identification so i can know more about you

I will like to send the lugdement reciept of this money for you so it can help you go on more with the bank please if there is any question you can ask me endevour to ask me and i will answer it to you .I hope to hear from you as soon as possible thanks and God bless you.

My Best Regard

My response:

I’m confused by your last message…is your name Sonia or Miriam? When the bank contacts me, I’d like to make sure that I have my facts correct.

To know more about me…my name is Al Lerner. I am 72 years old. I own an American football team here. Do you watch football? I would guess you to be more of a soccer fan, being from Africa.


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