O to the B to the X

OBX…that’s the unofficial abbreviation for the Outer Banks, NC. Sara, Riley and I just got back from there, and we stayed in Corolla, NC…the northern portion of the Outer Banks.

Anyways, it’s our annual vacation, and as always, it was wonderful. The weather was beautiful, the house was amazing, and the ocean was COLD. I think the water was around 68-70 degrees, but the air was in the mid 80s, and sunny.

Anyways, they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so here you go:

Riley and I at the beach

Riley in a tree

Sunset over the sound

The Corolla Lighthouse

Jeff & Riley Napping

Riley & Sara at the Aquarium

Riley Finding Blue’s Clues

Jeff Dancing in the Surf for Riley’s Entertainment

The Family Photo of the B-Lang-enburgs

The View from the House at 5:45 AM

Castles with Pat

Castles with Bob

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