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My Meta-tags are Felonious!

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I’d be interested in your thoughts on this article…

“Congress spanks naughty sex sites  By Declan McCullagh

Basically, using words like “Barbie”, “G.I. Joe” or “Hot Wheels” to lure people to adult content on the web will result in this:

“Anyone who includes misleading ‘words’ or ‘images’ intended to confuse a minor into viewing a possibly harmful Web site could be imprisoned for up to 20 years and fined, the bill says.”

Now, I agree that people should not be deceptive in their meta-tags, and other SEO content, but I have a few issues with this:

1) They can’t enforce this globally. While there are certainly creepy content providers IN the United States, there are plenty more in the rest of the world. We’re only 300 million of the 4 billion people on Earth.
2) Why does every little problem need governmental regulation? Search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo! are already spending millions of dollars on their search technologies, so that these types of results AREN’T found.
3) The article makes a valid point about the problems with this as well. What about sites like Kontraband.com (don’t go there) that have Barbie and Ken dolls “doing it?” It’s funny, if nothing else, and they do provide ample adult warnings. I’m certain, however, that left to a lawyer’s interpretation, Mr. Kontraband will be getting a letter in the mail.

What do you think about this?


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