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Windows Live (and The Lost Door)

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Perhaps it’s just the lack of advertising sales at the Sci-Fi channel that’s bugging me, but I want to talk about Windows Live Search for a moment, and how I don’t see it make much of a mark on the search engine landscape.

I have been watching The Lost Door for the past two nights, and have been enthralled. It’s an excellent story, and though I’m sure someone will tell me that there was a similar story in a book 30 years ago, this is my first exposure to this type of plot.

The one BIG frustrating part of watching this show, however, is that Sci-Fi’s advertising sales are lackluster at best. Or perhaps they cut the deal of all deals. Every single commercial break (and there’s plenty) has the exact same commercials. In the same order. Every time.

Now, there’s always “levels” of sponsorship, much like a college bowl game. “The Velveeta Bowl, presented by Pepto-Bismol.” Wait, the half-time show is now “The Tee Jaye’s Country Place Haltime Show, presented by Durex.” My point is, The Lost Room is brought to us by Windows Live Search. But there’s other commercials too…does that mean World of Warcraft, The Office, etc. were not bringing us the show? Then why are we forced to watch their commercials?

We usually start out with a promo for The Office on NBC. Excellent show, and the commercial was even funny the first two or three times. But if I have to hear: “Hey Big Tuna, why don’t men wear leggings?” one more time, I may just go crazy.

Ok, ending my advertising rant, I was writing to talk about Windows Live Search.

How many commercials have you ever seen for Google’s products? I mean seriously. Ones that were created by, for, and about Google. I know that Pontiac was running some commercials for their brand, and emplored the viewer to go “Google” Pontiac. But never have I seen a commercial about Google per se.

Meanwhile, I can’t open a browser, IM client, email, or television show without being BARRAGED by messages telling me to “try Windows Live Search now!” Microsoft must be spending millions of dollars trying to get the word out that they have a new search engine.

Google thrives because the community decided they should. Their user base grew organically. It gets them the results they’re looking for. It’s unobtrusive with the advertising it shows. Microsoft has created nothing more than a Windows-branded Google site. There’s not any new functionality that is impressive enough to drag me back over the fence.

I’m anxious to see how this will all play out. I see Windows Live Search as the new MSN…no features, no draw, no interest.

How did you first hear about Google? I know it’s been a while, but I’d love to hear.


One response to “Windows Live (and The Lost Door)”

  1. Brad Williams Avatar
    Brad Williams

    I can’t remember, but it wasn’t an ad. But it’s funny that I can’t remember, I think this shows how fast the tech world is changing.

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