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How’s My Driving? Call 1-800-WEDONTCARE

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My wife and I were out for a drive this past weekend, and I was stuck behind a stupid Lowe’s Delivery Truck. Nothing huge, something about this size:

Anyways, we’re in the left-hand lane, and there’s some traffic passing us on the right (because we’re going 30 in a 45). All of a sudden, this truck moves over into the right lane, without a turn signal, looking, etc. There were cars in the lane, and thankfully, they were paying attention, and chose to get run off of the road rather than get run over by this much-larger-than-their-Civic truck.

So in a circumstance like this, I prefer to pass this driver, so that when they do cause the ensuing accident, I’m not stuck behind it, but can watch it in my rear-view mirror. As I pass this truck, I look up at the driver, to offer him a mean look and a “thumbs-up” for his excellent ability to control his vehicle. That would have been fruitless, however, because his eyes were focused on the road…while holding his cigarette in his left hand, and talking on his cell phone with his right.

Now, I’m pissed. So I slow down to see if maybe I’ll have the good fortune of finding a “How’s My Driving” sticker on the back of the truck. So I finally get behind it, and I’m in luck!

Lic. No. LO2534

So, in the ironic twist of events, I pull out my cell phone (while driving) in order to call this number, bitch to Lowe’s about their ridiculous driver, and perhaps collect a free gift card or something. I had 15 minutes to my destination, so what better way to spend my time? I get a recorded message that actually identified themselves as Lowe’s Safe Driving Hotline, and then told me that all of their representatives were busy, and that I would get the next available rep. I then proceeded to sit on hold for the next 10 minutes, at which point I said “Screw it.”

Here’s my question regarding this experience:

1) If those lines are so busy that I have to sit on hold (while remembering the license number), does that mean that there are THAT many bad Lowe’s delivery drivers?

2) If case #1 isn’t true, then that means that Lowe’s only has like 2 people manning (or womanning) the phones, which would indicate that they don’t really care that their drivers are driving safely anyways. I mean, a 10-minute wait to complain about their driver seems a little excessive.

3) If cases #1 and #2 aren’t true, then I’m assuming that Lowe’s is probably outsourcing their call center on this one. Either way…this was a horrible experience.

With any of these choices, I think it’s fair to state that Lowe’s doesn’t really care about the driving habits of their delivery personnel. Looks like I’m headed to Home Depot.


7 responses to “How’s My Driving? Call 1-800-WEDONTCARE”

  1. Tim Avatar

    James, when Jeff finds out you hacked into his blog, he’s not going to be happy…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I work for lowe's, and i am a delivery driver. And i think i can speek for the rest of us when i say, No we dont give a fuck, all we care about is stoping for coffee break. Also, if your a retard and purchase a fucking dryer, and dont bye the right kind of cord, and you expect me to go back to the store to get you the right one, and then come back to your house and hook it up….the fuck you asshole.

  3. dan Avatar

    I’d agree – they don’t really care, and I’d bet that you don’t either, and that this will not really affect your amount of Lowe’s shopping

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    Very interesting situation. I feel that most large businesses have terrible customer service. They just really don’t care. I’m currently having troubles with Blue Nile customer service. You can bet I won’t buy from them again.

  5. Anonymous reply Avatar
    Anonymous reply

    To the last jerk. I am a Lowe's delivery associate. NO you cannot "speek" for us, because most of us DO care, and, quite frankly, you obviously suffer from some mental impairment. If your department manager was doing his/her job, you wouldn't have to return to the store if a customer did not "bye" the right cord…you would have it in the accessory box that is required to be in the trucks for such instances. It is because of people like you that Lowe's is turning to third party delivery services and making customer service more difficult to acheive and taking our jobs away from us. Thanks SO much for contributing to make our company worse!

  6. Jim Bobama Avatar
    Jim Bobama

    It is ignorant self centered pukes like you who make driving a shit sandwich for the rest of us.


    Ps, Have nice day =p

  7. RateThisDriver.com Avatar

    The Lowe’s truck should have had a RateThisDriver.com decal on the back! Glad no one was hurt!

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