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Windows Developer Power Tools

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I’ve been published! Last fall, I was approached about writing an article on HTML validation services for a book authored by Jim Holmes, and I did. On January 19 (during CodeMash, no less), the book will be released to the masses.

It was fun to write for this book, and I got my copy of it yesterday. I got 9 pages, of the 1,217 pages in the book. I’ve already read most of it during the review process, but to toot my own horn, here’s an excerpt from my section:

Valid markup is not just a status symbol. Seperating your content from your layout benefits you in many ways. The point of publishing on the Web is to reach the broadest audience possible, and adhering to Web Standards is the best way to ensure that you meet this goal. Cell phones, nontraditional devices such as screen readers, and tomorrow’s unreleased devices will support web standards, but those little tricks you use in IE may well not be supported in the future. Get it right the first time by using a validator – the time and money it will save you in the long run will make the upfront investment worth your while.

Get your copy of Windows Developer Power Tools at Amazon.com today!


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