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Mix 07! I’ll be there!

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I'm Going To Mix 07!  Elvis Will Be At Mix 07!  Let's Mix at Mix 07!  Roll the dice with me at Mix 07!

So I know I just got back from an amazing conference in CodeMash, but I’ve got great news! I’m heading to Mix 07 at the end of April, thanks to the good folks at Quick Solutions. Brian Prince and the rest of the management team do nothing but support me and my technical growth. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they have provided me.

It’s taking place in the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV from April 30 – May 2, 2007. I’ll actually be heading out the morning of the 29th, and flying home to Columbus on May 3rd, so it should make for an exhausting trip. Based on the preliminary schedule of events, here’s how I see my schedule going down:

April 29, 2006
7:00 AM – Get to the Columbus Airport, check in, go through security checkpoints, recover from cavity search.
9:00 AM – Take the flight to Sin City.
10:38 AM – Arrive in Las Vegas. We are now operating on Vegas time people, keep up.
10:39 AM – Lose my first $10 in a slot machine.
11:00 AM – Check in to the Venetian Hotel & Casino.
11:30 AM – Lose another $50 at the blackjack table.
12:00 PM – Grab some lunch.
12:45 PM – Wander the hotel, getting my bearings on where registration, session rooms, etc. are.
4:00 PM – Head over the registration, get checked in for the event.
5:00 PM – Sit down for a long night of Texas Hold-em at the Bellagio Poker Room (or maybe the Venetian Poker Room, it looks to be new)

April 30, 2006
1:00 AM – Go to bed.
8:30 AM – Head down to the Continental Breakfast. Mingle. Meet some people.
9:30 AM – Head over the Keynotes session. Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie are expected to be speaking. I really enjoyed Scott’s talks at CodeMash, so I hope there is new material for Mix.
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Time for some sessions.

Um, I expected this blog post to be longer, but it doesn’t appear that they have decided which sessions will be in which time slots. So, of the sessions that are listed on the site currently, here are the ones I expect to attend:

LINQing Your Web Applications – See how Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) allows for the most seamless integration of your Web applications and relational data. Get a sneak peek at the next version of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio (codenamed “Orcas”).

Driving Your Business through User Experience – Hear how tools, technologies and cutting edge design combine to create the user experiences that drive your business. See how a continuum of user experiences can be a powerful lever to differentiate the products and services you offer via the Web.

Gazing into the Future of Web Development – Be one of the first to see the big advances planned for the next version of ASP.NET for building rich Web applications. Get a sneak peek at technology to help simplify rich content, data, services and more. Learn how to efficiently and effectively create data-driven applications that fully leverage the power of “WPF/E” and AJAX on the client coupled with powerful server-side features provided by ASP.NET.

Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites – Delve into CSS with Molly Holzschlag, and look at the power CSS offers to Web developers and designers. Hear Molly’s secrets about how to build stunning sites quickly and easily.

Five Real World Applications that Raise the Bar for User Experience – Come learn about five applications that will change what your customers will expect from tomorrow’s software applications.

IE7 Retrospective: Microsoft’s Look at the Good, Bad and Ugly – Hear from Microsoft’s IE7 team about the journey from mea culpa to broad market acceptance. Hear what went right, what had to be cut, and how development priorities are set. Learn how to minimize your Web browser support headaches, and move to a more standardized Web.

There are plenty more sessions planned, and my preference may change once I see which sessions are in which time slots. Expect to see many more posts about this in the near future. And for those of you that want me to put $1 on Red 32 for you while I’m there, start saving your pennies.


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