FU MF’ers

That’s right. I’m talking to you. And you know who you are: Memory Foam retailers.

I’d been sold a dream. A mattress that conforms to me, for a perfect night’s sleep. And made of space-age material, no less. From NASA!

Anyways, rather than bite the bullet and buy a full mattress, I had heard wonderful things about mattress toppers. Basically, just imagine a memory foam mattress that’s only 4 inches tall. It sits on top of your existing mattress, but provides the “comfort” of a memory foam mattress.

So in November, I got one. Got it on sale at overstock.com. Since then (and I’ve tried attributing this to just about everything else), I’ve had the most amazing back pain imaginable. To the point that I could hardly stand up some days. I attributed it to lack of exercise…carrying my daughter…yardwork…anything but that precious mattress.

I finally took the thing off of my bed over the weekend. My back is already perfectly fine. Don’t buy one. They suck.

6 thoughts on “FU MF’ers

  1. You all have your own opinions and no one really cares about mine….but I think our new pillows are awesome. My other one just hurt my neck so much. So what I’m seeing from these three comments is that there just isn’t the perfect product for everyone. Unfortunately it seems it’s just trial and error until you find what’s right for you.

  2. We got these pillows a few months ago that are made of some sort of super high tech stuff, but to me, they’re not worth it.I mean they’re all right I guess, but I think for the money, I’d just buy a series of WalMart pillows (i.e. buy a new one when the first one loses its “fluff”)

  3. Gotta disagree here. I have the same mattress topper…not sure if I sold you on it or vice versa, but we’ve had it for a while. My back has never felt better. The pillows are a waste of time, I’m with dan on that one, but the mattress topper thing has been outstanding. I wake up every day with the same grin on my face that Bob from the Herbal Wood commercials has.And, you’re a big girl…

  4. I’m grabbing my torch and pitchfork and heading down to the factory now… anyone care to join?

  5. Excellent stuff from you, man. I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.
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