Best Buy? Why?

I went to Best Buy the other day, and let me preface this post with saying that I love Best Buy.

So I was shopping for DVDs for my daughter, and I had a $10 Reward Zone card and a 10% off any DVDs coupon. So I found a copy of Annie for $9.99, and a copy of Stuart Little for $12.99. I thought those were reasonable prices, so I grabbed em and headed to the register. I figured I’d be looking at about a $10 total bill at the end.

After taking the 10% off, and then taking the $10 off, the cashier told me my total was $1.68. Stunned, but not willing to argue a lower price, I paid her and left the store.

Looking at my receipt, Annie was $5.99, Stuart Little was $6.99.

Here’s the reason for my post: WHY are they marked with prices HIGHER than they are selling them for? There were no other tags around them. Those were the prices.

How many people pick up a movie, decide that the price is too high, and put it back? I know I do that every time I see one for $20. But now, I have to ask myself (and probably one of the floor clerks), is this really $20, or is it actually $5.99?

Best Buy could probably increase their quarterly earnings by a percentage or two if their movies were marked with the more appealing, lower price.


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