Developer Evangelist

I always get accused of not announcing the big things in my life (and I generally don’t, because I don’t want to come across as more arrogant), and so I’ve decided to let everyone know about this one.

I just recently spent a few days in Redmond, WA interviewing with a small software company located there (Microsoft). They have a position here in Columbus called “Developer Evangelist,” and I have been interested in the job since I first heard about it. In short, the job requires me to learn about the new software development technologies that Microsoft has created (well before the general community has access to them), and then announce/demonstrate/teach those technologies to the developer communities in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

There will certainly be some travel involved with this position, getting around those 4 states, and a great deal of public speaking (something I enjoy, but have much more to learn about). This is a major deviation from what my career has been thus far, which has primarily focused on building software for clients, with budgets, timelines, and all of the other hurdles that generally stress me out.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity, and I think that this is the type of position that will offer me learning experiences on a daily basis. It’s a great honor to have even been considered for this position by Microsoft, let alone awarded the job. My first day will be August 13.

This position was previously held by Drew Robbins, who has been an absolutely amazing asset to me and my team at Quick Solutions. He has left behind some enormous shoes to be filled, and I only hope I can succeed where his legacy left off. He has moved on to Redmond, where he will be the Technical Evangelist for the IIS7 team. I’m sure the world is in for a shakeup once he starts doing his magic.

So, in my travels though the “Heartland District,” I hope I will have an opportunity to see many of you, if only for a beer.

11 thoughts on “Developer Evangelist

  1. Welcome Jeff to your new role. I’m sure we’ll be bumping into each other hither and tither.-The Elder

  2. You’ll be greatly missed at QSI, but you’re going to do great things for the region!(Now go get me an XBox that I can give away at the Dayton .NET User Group.)

  3. Congratulations.!!! I could not think of anyone else that could fit this role as good as you. I know we are loosing a great PE at QSI, but we are gaining a great community influencer. See you around.! (btw, where is the Borg’s picture?) 😉

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