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The First 10 Days

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Getting started at this new job has been exciting, but very busy. I also seem to be leaving a trail of destruction. In the first ten days:

I spent my first three days in Brainerd, MN, at the Madden‘s resort. There, I got an opportunity to meet the rest of my team from the entire Central Region. As soon as I arrived, so did 70 MPH winds, rain, and hail. Trees were taken down all over the state. Power was out for a little while.

After leaving my hail damage on nearly every car at the place, I headed back to Columbus. Thankfully, there’s nothing I can do to bring bad weather to my home town. We’ve had 1 inch of rain since March, it seems.

On Saturday, I headed up to Detroit, passing through Findlay, OH. Detroit was buried under several inches of rain during my visit, and the clouds were lower than my hotel room. Seriously. On my way home, I had to pass back through Findlay, OH to get to Columbus easily. Apparently, they got some of the rain that was in Detroit. So much so, in fact, that the highway exit I needed was closed. That closure turned my 3 hour drive home into a 6 hour drive home. Thank God for GPS.

On a more serious note, however, take the time to look out for those in need. A dollar or two can still go quite a long way. Here’s the link for the United Way in Hancock County, where Findlay is located. Please consider giving a few dollars to help these people in need.


2 responses to “The First 10 Days”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Thank goodness you survived Brainerd without getting jammed in a wood chipper.

  2. Brian H. Prince Avatar
    Brian H. Prince

    It seems you have inherited my ‘trip disaster field’. Yeah. It’s like a cold. Give it to 3 people to get rid of it.

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