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–> This Guy

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So, from time to time, I have been known to use the phrase “This Guy” while pointing at myself with my thumbs. Sure, it’s tired. Sure, it’s obnoxious. But it conveys my point effectively, and I use it only in the most appropriate instances:

“Who has two thumbs and loves him some Silverlight?”

–> THIS GUY <–

And that’s the point of this post. I think this saying is worn out because people haven’t had an effective way to communicate this electronically. Now you do. Go out into the world and use it, with discretion.

BTW, I cannot take credit for this syntax. The credit belongs to another brilliant blog.

Who loves reading Kiss Me Suzy?

–> This guy <–


2 responses to “–> This Guy”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Geez, the guy that points you to the blog doesn’t even get a little credit…

  2. Dave Baldwin Avatar
    Dave Baldwin

    Jeff,Good times at AADND last night. It was good to meet you. Good luck with your career at MS.Who loves hot wings and beer?–> This Guy <–

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