Phone discoveries in my travels…

So, this past week, I’ve been to Cleveland, Detroit (Ann Arbor), Columbus, and Cincinnati. In my driving, I finally used my phone to it’s fullest potential.

The backstory: I rented a Jeep Liberty for my travels, it just made more sense. In renting a car, I made an assumption. The radio would actually work. As it turns out, it didn’t. So now I’ve got 5 trips over 2 hours in length with nothing to listen to.

I’ve got a Palm Treo 700wx. It’s running Windows Mobile 5.0, and I’ve also picked up the TomTom software and GPS device for it as well. With no music, and no real idea where I’m going (other than an address), my phone came to my rescue.

Within a 5 minute period, here’s the 8 ways I used my phone:
1) I made a phone call. This one should be obvious.
2) I got turn-by turn directions to my destination.
3) I listened to MP3s using Windows Media Player and the built-in speaker.
4) I sent a text message to accept a friend request on Facebook.
5) I checked my work and personal email accounts (seperately).
6) I surfed to my RSS aggregator to see if
7) Using my RSS aggregator, I used Voice Command to read me some blog posts while I drove. It did surprisingly well turning text into speech.
8) I got notification that I had a conference call scheduled for 3:30.

Man! My phone is still pretty cool. Do that, iPhone.

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