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My Upcoming Travels…and a new, cool Night of AJAX

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In case you’re terribly interested in where I’ll be over the next month, here’s the short list (I’m sure this will be added to).

September 24 – Halo 3 Pre-Launch Party in Detroit, MI
September 25 – Halo 3 Launch Party in Columbus, OH
September 26 – Halo 3 Launch Party in Cincinnati, OH
September 27 – Columbus .NET Developer’s Group Meeting
October 8 – ReMix07 Boston
October 9 – ReMix07 Boston
October 11 – Nashville .NET User’s Group
October 12 – DevLink
October 13 – DevLink
October 15 – The Night of AJAX in Cleveland, OH (at the Microsoft office)
October 20 – Day of .NET in Ann Arbor, MI

26 days, 7 cities. Not bad. Where should I go next? Anyone have some great events coming up that I’m not aware of?

Also, in case you’re curious, the Night of AJAX is a public event in Cleveland. We are going to be welcoming Jay Kimble of Codebetter.com fame and AJAX guru from Florida. It is planned to be a two hour event in which Jay will present an Intro to AJAX followed up with AJAX best practices and a discussion of Javascript Alternatives (eg. Script#/Silverlight). Please plan to check it out. Be sure to check back for more information as it becomes available. Please leave a comment or email me if you’d like more information. Special thanks to Dave Balzer for getting this great idea put together.


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