And, I get to take a breath…

So it’s been a busy, but amazingly fun week. Monday night was Detroit’s Halo 3 pre-launch party. We had over 130 people in attendance, and I got to run a 40 person tournament. It came down to an amazing finale, and the winner took home a Limited Edition copy of Halo 3.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we had similar, but smaller events in Columbus and Cincinnati. Both great events with some great competition.

Tonight, I’m attending the Columbus .NET Developer’s Group. Watching an interesting presentation on WPF. Man, I love XAML. Could it be any easier?

Tomorrow, I get to breathe. I get to catch up on a week’s worth of email. I get to do some of the mandatory training that I meant to finish a month ago. I get to go pick apples with my family. Looking forward to some deep breaths of fresh air.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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