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ReMix or DevLink? Anyone?

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I’m going to be starting another week-long adventure on Sunday, and I’m looking to meet you. I’m starting to put together a series of webcasts on developing effective UI, UX, and the interface technologies that are used to create them.

If you have thoughts on any of these subjects, or if I just haven’t met you yet, please introduce yourself. I want to meet passionate developers.

Here are my expected locations for the next week:

Sunday, 10/7, 1:00 PM – Browns vs. Patriots game
Monday, 10/8, All Day – ReMix07 Boston
Tuesday, 10/9, All Day – ReMix07 Boston
Wednesday, 10/10, 5:00 PM – Cleveland for potential Game #5
Thursday, 10/11, All Day – DevLink Nashville
Friday, 10/12, All Day – DevLink Nashville
Saturday, 10/13, All Day – DevLink Nashville


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