Introducing JUXtapose

So I’m sure I’ll be posting these everywhere, but I want my blog to at least be the starting place.

JUXtapose is the name of my new webcast series, and it will be primarily focused on the technologies I am most passionate about. This includes user interface technologies like Silverlight and WPF, as well as more general stuff like Javascript and CSS. It will also feature interviews from notable (and soon to be notable) developers in the field that have an opinion to lend on user experience.

The name JUXtapose comes from the subtitle: Jeff on User Experience.

Please leave comments, I’d love your initial thoughts on this, as well as recommendations and volunteerism for future shows.

4 thoughts on “Introducing JUXtapose

  1. Jeff, that’s a great name for your web cast series. The name alone had me intrigued to check it out. Good luck with the series!

  2. Hey Jeff, You’re the guy to get this stuff rolling. Great name for your web cast series. Is the URL available?

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