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JUXtapose Episode 1: Simple Animation Using Expression Blend

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One response to “JUXtapose Episode 1: Simple Animation Using Expression Blend”

  1. Brad Avatar

    Hey, Jeff. Thanks for the JUXtapose series. I’ve only seen episode 1, but I’m eager to learn Silverlight, WPF, and Blend, so your series will be helpful. Some suggestions/questions: how about a post on Expression Suite (Blend, Web, Design, and Media) and the output artifacts that each targets. The Expression Suite site is pretty vague on what tool I should use for what thing I want to accomplish. If I’m doing just WPF or Silverlight, what do I need–just Blend to build my XAML? I’m guessing a cousin to Expression Suite is Sharepoint Designer. If I want to host XAML in Sharepoint, what tool do I use–Blend, Designer, both? Also, is FrontPage now dead? In Episode 1, you started with pre-created images and then animated them. Did you create those images in Blend or some other tool (and if another tool, what tool)? Thanks!

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