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Looking for Stars!

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Several of you have had an opportunity to catch the first couple of episodes of my video series that I am calling JUXtapose. I’m working on the next few videos here, and was thinking that I’d like to make some of you famous.

If you’ve done something cool, something innovative, something that when you built it, you thought, “Man, that’s awesome!,” then I’d like to get you on camera talking about it.

I want to capture your passion on film. I want to help you tell the world about your ideas. If it has a user interface, let’s talk about it. If you found a way to take an action in your application from 32 to 2 clicks, perhaps you’ve been hiding in the shadows too long.

Call me, email me, comment on this blog. Whatever. Just remember, if nobody raises their hand, I’m going to start calling on people.

JUXtapose Episode Guide
11/02/2007 – Episode 1: Simple Animation Using Expression Blend
11/05/2007 – Episode 2: ComponentOne Sapphire Interviews
Coming Soon – Episode 3: HTML Controls As Silverlight Tools
Coming Soon – Episode 4: Getting Web Service Data Into Your Silverlight App
Coming Soon – Episode 5: Expression Studio Overview (Design, Blend, Web)


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