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Memphis Day of .NET!

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I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend in Memphis, TN. I was attending/speaking at the Memphis Day of .NET.

It started innocently enough. I arrived in Memphis (MEM), and drove to my hotel room. There, I joined up with Josh Holmes, where we headed to the speaker’s pre-game dinner. It was at a location chosen by Colin Neller (the primary organizer of the event, though he had a very efficient team). We got to eat Memphis-style BBQ at a place called Central BBQ. It was outstanding. Seasoned, homemade potato chips, and some BBQ sauce to lick from your fingers. Excellent choice.

The next morning, I arrived at the FedEx Institute of Technology, and was immediately blown away by the facility. Open spaces, curves, glass & metal. Gorgeous. Then I got to see the room that the Charles Petzold‘s keynote would be delivered in (as well as my talk on Silverlight.) It’s called The Zone, and it absolutely is. I was so inspired by what a conference facility should be that I took a short video just to show it off.

The Zone
Click here to see my video tour of The Zone

Finally, after my talk, there was a GOURMET lunch provided. We’re not talking about upscale sandwiches here, either. It was roast beef, potatoes, vegetables…in short, excellent.

My hat’s off to the organizers of this event. Very well done. I wish you future success in next year’s event as well. (Please let me know how I can assist, if you’d like.)

Included in this post are links to the slide decks and demos that I used during the presentation.

Thanks to everyone that attended!

Silverlight 301 Deck & Demos

Innovative Microsoft Stuff Slide Deck


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