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You’re Probably Not Interested…

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1) Keynotes by Steve Ballmer and Scott Guthrie.
2) 3-4 days in Las Vegas, at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.
3) An opportunity to immerse yourself in the technologies that make up “The Next Web,” and participate in a 72-hour conversation about the future of web technologies.

OK, since I’m sure that list appeals to very few of you, I’ll be brief.

I’m describing Microsoft’s MIX 2008 conference. I had the good fortune to attend last year, as an attendee, and had an amazing time. Silverlight was announced, for one. I had an opportunity to meet some incredible speakers, technologists, and Microsoft influentials those days. I had an opportunity to give over $200 of my own, hard-earned money to complete strangers at the poker tables.

In short, it was the best conference I have been to. My expectations are riding pretty high that v2008 will not disappoint. With that, registration is now open.

So, mull it over with your Manager. Blackmail your Boss.* Persuade your Project Manager. Discuss it with your Director. I’d love to have a posse to hang with in Vegas this year.

Are you going? Let me know!

* I do not, in any way, actually endorse blackmailing anyone. Please take it for the alliteration it was meant to provide, and nothing more.


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