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Want a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?

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So some of you may have heard rumblings about some piece of software being released recently, and some of you even chided me for not having a super mega blog announcement about it.

Visual Studio 2008 has RTMed!

Now, in other news, we have put together a few events to give away copies of Visual Studio 2008 Pro to y’all. (I’m currently in Texas…my apologies.)

We will be holding a Holiday Bowl-O-Rama & InstallFest event in Nashville, TN on December 3rd, and another one in Detroit, MI on December 7th. These events MUST be registered for in order to get the free bits, so here’s the links to these events:

Nashville, TN – December 3
Detroit, MI – December 7

We will be handing out Visual Studio 2008 Pro (90-day trial) disks to everyone that attends. However, we are only able to give away a full version (available in early 2008) to those individuals that register using the links above, AND attend. Registration alone is not going to be enough.

As some of you loyal readers know, I went bowling a few weeks ago, and declared myself the best bowler that reads this blog. This is your opportunity to prove me wrong. These events will be held at bowling alleys, and we’ll be picking up the costs of bowling and shoes, and food will be provided as well. All you need to do is show up, and hurl that ball down the alley.

If you can beat my 2-game average, I will have a special gift for you. (This is above and beyond the Visual Studio software you’re going to receive). I’m not going to be promoting this contest at the events, so you’ll have to come find me with your proof of score. It’s one of the many benefits of being a regular reader of this blog.

So, go register for your event. Tell your colleages to register. It’s gonna be a blast. We’ll also have XBoxes with Guitar Hero III and Halo 3 available for playing.


6 responses to “Want a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Jeff–Thanks for putting on a great event last night! I must say the night was a complete success. I scored a free copy of VS2008, made some new contacts, and won that nice little gift you mentioned! Now that I subscribed, do I get to take over the title of best bowler that reads your blog??

  2. sillyevar Avatar

    I hope I get to go.Will there be professionals there who know how to remove beta2 safely and install the rtm without a hitch? There always seems to be some crazy dance to the gods which must be done when removing the beta and installing the rtm.

  3. Jeff Blankenburg Avatar
    Jeff Blankenburg

    Family and children are welcome. Unless you’ve got 18 kids. 🙂

  4. John Chapman Avatar
    John Chapman

    I’m there! This should be a great event. I just want to know, is there a prize for the lowest bowling score? What if I don’t break 60? Anything?

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