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Columbus .NET Developer’s Group Excitement!

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CONDG is having their last meeting of the year on Thursday, December 6th. Though their site is experiencing “technical difficulties,” it contains all of the information about their meetings. Since it’s down, I’ll post the information here as well:

CONDG Meeting
12/6/2007 6:00 PM
Microsoft Building
8800 Lyra Ave
Columbus, OH 43240

The reason I am promoting this is severalfold.

1) I think it’s important that developers participate as a community. There is so much to learn from your fellow developers that you would be hard-pressed to figure out on your own. Much like Wikipedia, it only truly works when everyone is participating.

2) It’s going to be a fun night. We’ll have a speaker talking about Visual Studio 2008 and the 3.5 framework. We’ll have XBoxes with Guitar Hero III and Halo set up. We’ll have food to eat and beverages to consume. And a room full of developers with the smarts to teach you something you didn’t know before you got there.

3) I’m going to be giving away copies of Visual Studio. Everyone that comes to the meeting will get a copy of a 90-day trial of Visual Studio 2008 Professional. Everyone that REGISTERS AND ATTENDS will be given a code to redeem for a full license of Visual Studio 2008 Pro when it is available.

So the next question you may have is…HOW DO I REGISTER? Well, readers, here’s how. Click on the link below to be taken to the registration site. That’s all.


Also, don’t be discouraged if you find out the registration is closed. I will also have a waitlist, because it’s certain that some of the folks that register won’t be able to attend. We’ll take names at the door of those individuals that were unable to register, and those will go on a first-come, first-served basis.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the event. It’s going to be a fun night.


5 responses to “Columbus .NET Developer’s Group Excitement!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How many people are registered so far?

  2. Mel Grubb Avatar
    Mel Grubb

    Free stuff AND GH3?I’m there.

  3. Steven Harman Avatar
    Steven Harman

    I saw your Twitter about this last night and went right to the registration page… but then realized that since I have my own MSDN license I don’t really _need_ a standalone VS Pro license. So, in the name of not-being-that-guy… I decided not to register and instead let someone else from the community get the license.But I’ll still be the meeting… get me some ‘net access! 🙂

  4. Jesse Avatar

    I can has frees stuff? Blue dot f0r t3h w1n!!!!1

  5. James Bender Avatar
    James Bender

    Free stuff? I’m all over that!

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