Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

This evening, Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista went live. You can download the software here. You can read the official release information at the Yahoo! Messenger Blog.

You can skin it.

You can tab it.

You can scale it.

Today, it is one of the largest applications available that is built in WPF. The application is all .NET 3.0 built on top of an unmanagaged legacy layer of code. The bridge is a mixed-mode C++ DLL. These together provide a WPF-friendly data model to the unmanaged code portions.

I think it will set the trend for the next generation of messaging applications. In addition to just looking cool, it’s also compatible with MSN Messenger. So you can talk to all of your MSN buddies using this client as well. Now if they would just all play nicely, we’d finally be getting where we need to be.

GTalk, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber, etc. Can’t we all just get along?

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