My 100th post, and a list of incentives….

Today, the last day of 2007, I’m making my 100th blog post. And, yes it’s about CodeMash.

Perhaps some of you missed my post on the CodeMash contest I am running. Maybe some of you didn’t get around to it yet. And I’m betting some of you are just being stubborn. Regardless of the reason, I’ve got 5 entries so far, and was expecting for something more in the 100ish range. We’ve got some work to do.

As a recap, I’m running a contest about CodeMash. I want everyone that reads this to create some enthusiastic content about CodeMash. Make it meaningful. Let your excitement show. And once you’ve posted it on the web, leave a comment on this post with a link to yours.

The deadline to get them in is the event itself. January 10, 2008 at 8:00 AM. Each and every entry that is listed in my comments will be entered in a drawing for a SwagBag. I’m not going to disclose the contents of the bag, I’m only going to assure you that it will be well worth your while to enter.

Also, each person that enters will get a small something. Just come find me at the event (Microsoft will have a booth) and introduce yourself. If you had a post in my comments, I’ll give it to you right then and there.

In addition, if we can get 100 blog posts (from 100 people, you cheater) on this list, I will guarantee that there will be a Zune 8GB in the SwagBag in addition to everything else it will contain.

So get writing. And if you don’t like writing…make a video. Or a song. Or a poem. Or a photo collage. The medium doesn’t matter, as long as we can get it on the web to share with everyone else.

Here’s a little incentive:

Here’s just part of the list of things that will be in the SwagBag on January 10.

Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000
Microsoft Office Professional 2007
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
Halo 3 for the Xbox 360
1GB USB Flash Drive
“Heroes Happen Here” fleece/nylon jacket
.NET t-shirt
Microsoft Visual Studio Hat

And like I said before, if I get 100 entries, I’ll add an 8GB Zune to the bag as well. So tell your friends, and get to posting!

One thought on “My 100th post, and a list of incentives….

  1. Hey, I blogged about CodeMash! Woo! (If I’m the only one, do I win by default?) ;)

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