CodeMash Speaking Update

In an unfortunate turn of events, Jesse Liberty (Senior Program Manager, Silverlight Development Team) fractured his shoulder a few weeks ago. He and his doctor were optimistic that he would still be able to make the trip to CodeMash (like I’m sure all of you are). His surgeon is now extremely reluctant to have him in full-on travel mode just yet, so he has been forced to cancel his trip.

Due to these circumstances, there is a gaping hole in the Silverlight content at CodeMash. I have been fortunate enough to be asked by Jesse to replace him in his absence. I’m a bit honored, and a bit panicked (I wasn’t on the slate to speak until now). So there you have it….I’ll be the speaker in Jesse Liberty’s stead. The topics will still be the same, there will be an Intro to Silverlight and an Advanced Silverlight session at the normally scheduled time.

So, if I haven’t met you, and certainly if I have, here’s when I will be speaking at CodeMash.

01/09/07 9:30 AM – Coding In Silverlight
01/10/07 2:10 PM – Advanced Silverlight

Head over to the CodeMash Session Scheduler (built in Silverlight) and get me on your agenda!

2 thoughts on “CodeMash Speaking Update

  1. The talks in Cleveland and the talks at CodeMash will be surprisingly similar. 🙂 If you’re making a long drive to Cleveland for the SIG, I’d wait to see it at CodeMash. For those of you going to CodeMash and are close, however, come see me at the SIG, and venture out to something new at CodeMash!

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