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We Have A Winner!

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Thank you to everyone that participated in my blogging contest. In all, we had 43 entries (some of them were emailed, for some reason). That’s a solid 1/3 of my readership (as of today).

Now for the big news….the winner. I took each entry and added it to an Excel spreadsheet. Once I had them all input, I used the random number generator function in Excel (=RANDBETWEEN(1, 43)).

The winner of my 2008 Codemash Blogging Contest, and the SwagBag to rule them all is…

Jay Wren.

I will be giving this bag away at CodeMash this afternoon.

Keep an eye out for my next contest…coming in February.


2 responses to “We Have A Winner!”

  1. John Stockton Avatar
    John Stockton

    Oh well, maybe next month. Oh yea, Congrats Jay!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Ooh… congrats, Jay!Looking forward to seeing what the next contest is. Maybe the most unique use of Silverlight? Best Popfly mash-up? The most uber Tafiti search?Definitely will be watching your blog for more…

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