What Do You Want From Me?

Every morning, I sit down to my computer and think, what are people going to care about reading today? I’ve accumulated a decent audience for this blog, and I feel like I should be earning, not holding, a spot in your RSS reader.

Some days, it’s an interesting story that hits me. Others, it’s a tutorial on some technology I’m jazzed about playing with. If I’ve really got something itching me, I’ll put a video together.

But my question to you, dear reader, is:

What, if anything, would make you tell your friends about what I’ve written?

Most of you are accomplished software developers. Some of you are friends in other industries. One of you is my Mom.

I’m looking for comments, emails, phone calls, twitters, facebook messages…however you’d like to throw me some feedback. I would honestly and truly appreciate anything you can offer me. Positive or negative.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?

  1. I find I love the ongoing series posts about any technology. For example, Dustin’s ongoing F# posts which build on each other are great.Pick a technology and go deep.

  2. Why not start some discussions on building RIAs. You already know some technologies to allow you to create them (ASP.NET, JavaScript/AJAX, Silverlight etc.). This seems to be an area that the industry in general and MS in particular are moving so it might be good to start talking about it now.Just a thought.

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