Do No Evil….My Butt.

So, I’ve got em. They’re busted. Google has knowingly done evil.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a little while have seen my video series, JUXtapose. I’ve been uploading it to Soapbox (MSN Video), where it gets rendered and served from, saving me the bandwidth issues. And since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed that the videos don’t seem to come through in Google Reader.

So, I’m new to this, I must be doing something wrong. I uploaded it to YouTube…just to see what the differences were. I even used the YouTube video once as the embedded video file in my blog post. And magically, it came through. It was shown (and played) inline in my aggregator. So now I’m convinced I did something wrong with the Soapbox video. I’ve tried 3 or 4 different methods to use the Soapbox videos (they seem to retain the quality better), and none of them get that video to show up in Google Reader.

So on my dedicated server, I am running SmarterMail, a free, web-based mail server. As part of the interface, I can subscribe to RSS feeds as well (not unlike EVERY mail client anymore). So I subscribed to my blog, to see how it worked. The Soapbox videos came through with NO issue. They look and function perfectly.

So Google, it’s your turn. Certainly your spiders will find this message. I want an explanation. Am I doing something wrong, or have you just created an RSS Aggravator for me? I think I know the answer, and you’re guilty.

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