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Upcoming Events in Our Area

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This information will also be going out in the MSDN Flash email, but if you’re not subscribed, I wanted to make sure you got it here as well.

ArcReady http://www.arcready.com/
ArcReady is a free half-day series covering the topics important to aspiring and existing software architects.
     Cincinnati 3/3/2008
     Nashville 3/4/2008

DevCares http://www.devcares.com/
DevCares is a FREE half-day technical training series created by Developers for Developers! We’ll address the needs and issues of developers today and show you how to make a real difference in the way that you work!
     Southfield, MI 02/15
     Columbus, OH 02/29

Central Ohio Day of .NET April 19, 2008
The Central Ohio Day of .NET is a joint venture between the Dayton .NET Developers Group, Central Ohio .NET Developers Group and the Cincinnati .NET Users Group. The event originally was called the Cincinnati-Dayton Area Code camp and ran in 2006 and 2007 under that name. With the inclusion of the Columbus group the event has been renamed to the Central Ohio Day of .NET. The event is a FREE day of technology discussions devoted to helping the local development community grow.

Day of .NET events are a series of mini-conferences organized by developers for developers. You can find out more about Day of .NET events, including seeing upcoming events, on the series website at http://www.dodn.org/.

Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 LAUNCH EVENTS!
     3/13/2008 Cleveland, OH
     3/18/2008 Detroit, MI “Premier Event”
     3/20/2008 Columbus, OH
     4/3/2008 Indianapolis, IN
     4/14/2008 Pittsburgh, PA
     5/1/2008 Nashville, TN
     5/13/2008 Grand Rapids, MI
     5/22/2008 Louisville, KY


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