Why Do You Write Code?

Today I posted the question “Why Do You Code?” on the always-reliable Twitter, and I got some great responses. I am posting them here. I think this type of conversation is my favorite part about social networking, by far. Click on people’s names to follow them on Twitter! Thank you to everyone that added their answers!

If you didn’t get to participate, please add your answer to the comments!

ohiomikeward I code because I enjoy it… love seeing an idea that started in my head come together as a rendered page on the internet.

objo we get to learn how things work (domains) and we get paid to solve puzzles.

johnnystock I agree with @objo solving complex puzzles and finding ways to do what can’t be done = cool feeling

mjeaton I enjoy taking an idea and making a working product out of it. Same reason I enjoy woodworking.

babernethy I tend to agree with Jon Rentzch http://snurl.com/1zg57 on the topic, that programmers like to solve problems, not “just code”

fallenrogue Mostly my love of correcting the factual inconsistencies of so-called “hacker” movies.

fallenrogue and the chix0rz, of course.

nathanblevins Coding is similiar to creating, like art or singing or etc. It is a way to express yourself. That is what got me into it.

jamesbender It allows me to be creative and play with all the “new shiny toys.”

brianhprince creative outlet. quietly taking over the world. stress relief. can’t throw a ball.

RossCode It’s all about understanding someone’s business and being able to help them better it. Coding is just the tool to get there.

MichaelDotNet Honestly? I love taking something and having complete control over it muhahahaha The computer is my [expletive deleted]!

toddkaufman Because my true dream of becoming a professional dancer went away after the knee injury in ’95

bsherwin I’d go postal making Big Macs, paving roads or changing light bulbs in parking lots.

objo another one …. how many jobs out there get to create something from nothing?

timwingfield To create something, the continual learning, and the new challenges. And because those pesky mortgage bills keep showing up.

FalconGN because it can be fun to solve business problems with technology.

timwingfield forgot the obvious one…Because it’s FUN! It’s not a “job” if you love it.

ViNull I live to code of course, I don’t code to live =) Seriously, it is a “runner’s high” thing

allennoakes answer: to satisfy my curiosity of patterns and logic.

ViNull I’m about understanding someone’s problem and solving with them; I get no greater “thanks” than seeing my software in use

lozanotek I’ve always in the “it’s just fun” camp. A while back, I realized that I was good at it and had a blast

cwoodruff I code because I can and enjoy they look on people’s faces when I deliver a great tool to make their lives easier.

davidmohara Because I get paid to do something I would be doing anyway. (I know that doesn’t explain the why though)

davidmohara “Why” isn’t any different for developers than it is for other careers – it’s about an aptitude (calling?) and opportunity

mattblodgett I originally liked programming because it was hard. I’m still hooked because I realize how hard it is to do it _well_.

Arnulfo I code because it was MY career choice. Influences: fun, geek factor, money.

alanstevens I code because I couldn’t stand the other careers I tried. Late one night, I realized people get paid to do what I was doing.

pandamonial Besides all the other stuff, you never go a day without learning something so you never get bored

nathanblevins cause “reaching rank 45 in Halo 3” does not really inspire an impressive image? lol

DavidWalker I started coding for fun & young w/ C64. For last 15 years its been about providing value for the cause – Biz, Community, etc.

dcampbell A little late to the game with a less altruistic answer. Cash.

gilesgoatboy honestly, because it’s fun, it pays well, and it’s so [expletive removed without permission from Giles Bowett] easy. solving puzzles in code ~= video games with words.

dshultz because it’s challenging, fun and there’s great satisfaction in creating a well-functioning app.

johnkellar I code because I enjoy making things easier for people. To help someone else be more productive and see their satisfaction.

sadukie It’s my inner engineer that drives me to code.

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Write Code?

  1. Two Reasons:One: I like mind games, challenges, being around intelligent people. I get that from software.Two: Software’s purpose is to make other’s lives easier/better. That’s something I want to be a part of.

  2. Because at heart I’m a little kid who likes hooking two wires together and seeing a light come on. (And occasionally grabbing the bare ends and having my hair then look like Einstein’s…)

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