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So I’m sot sure why, but yesterday was the most traffic this blog has received EVER. And not just by a little bit. Double my most visitors ever. Most of that traffic came because of my (somewhat lengthy) post about Sprint.

In fact, I was contacted by the Consumerist with some advice. Basically, they had discovered that there is an “Executive Service Hotline” that can be called, but is certainly not advertised. It’s not even a toll-free number. What is IS, however, is the answer to anyone’s issues with Sprint.

The phone number is: (703) 433-4401.

I called it this morning, and got a person on the first ring. Tammi McCants was her name. After going through the standard Sprint security measures, she asked how she could help me. I explained my situation (including much of my previous post) to her, and she understood my concerns. She looked through the notes that had been left on my account, and felt that the reps I had spoken with had misunderstood what I was asking for.

She assured me that I would have no issues in returning the HTC Mogul I am currently using, and receiving the Moto Q 9c as well, including the $100 refund I was requesting. It was as if there was a seperate number for real customer service that Sprint had been hiding from the public.

So, for the remainder of my contract, I will be sticking with Sprint as my service provider. Mostly because it will cost me $400 + tax to leave, and a new provider is going to get me with new activation fees, new phones, etc. But I would not expect to be renewing any contracts between now and then. That they can be certain of.


2 responses to “Why I Will Probably Be Sticking With Sprint (through my contract)”

  1. Charles Avatar

    Sucks that you gave up on the mogul a week or two before they released the patch that unlocks the GPS functions of the phone. I’ve been playing around with one of the leaked versions of the upcoming ROM and Mogul + GPS + Google Maps for WM6 == mucho awesomeness.I’m not 100% sure on this but I think there’s a freeware or cheapware software keyboard app for WM6 that might meet your need to endanger drivers around you while you text with one hand :D. Of course there’s no tactile response but you’re not going to get that from a touch screen phone with a keyboard.

  2. Matt Casto Avatar
    Matt Casto

    I left Sprint a little over a year ago after hating it with all of my heart until my contract expired. I had been using them since 1999. I feel your pain.

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