Free Software!!!

As I hope you’ll recall, we had some Visual Studio 2008 Install Fests late last fall. These events sold out in under 48 hours. We gave away 525 disks that could be redeemed for a full version of VS2008 Professional.

I’ve just heard back from the organization that was running this effort for us, and there’s been a surprisingly LOW redemption rate. This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that has a Trial disc and has not gone online to redeem it for their full version.


Please make sure you get yours in. I’d hate to see you miss out on this offer.

4 thoughts on “Free Software!!!

  1. Wait a minute, now I’m really confused. When I went to the website, I filled in my little pin number and address and thought that was all there was to it. I have not yet received my disc. Craig, are you saying you only receive the disc if you also upgraded a trial version? I didn’t want to install and upgrade the trial version, I just want the disc. The websites seemed to imply I did everything necessary.

  2. No John, you’ve got it right. There was a code and a website on the back of each trial disc. You should be receiving your full copy in the mail very shortly (if you haven’t already).It comes in a cardboard envelope with the serial number and everything.

  3. I have a feeling most people do not know that they have to redeem their trial versions. I didn’t know until I happened to check your blog today! I thought the full version was going to be mailed when available.Glad I checked!!

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