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Snow Day? Are You Kidding Me?

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Snow days in Columbus, OH are an absolute farce.

I’ve certainly Twittered about this in the past, and this probably will not be the last time I complain about it. Today, nearly every school in the Greater Columbus area is closed.

Last night, you’d have thought we were living in New Orleans the day before Katrina hit. “Winter Storm Warnings” and “Weather Advisories” were all I could find on the television (when I wasn’t completely glued to LOST.) But yet, this morning, the roads were clear, and my driveway had just a little snow on it.

I had to pick up a book from the library today. So I went out. The roads are DRY. There are a million cars on the roads. The mall looked like tomorrow was Christmas.

How is this a snow day?

Maybe my memory is spotty, but I recall snow days in Cleveland when I was a kid. Snow days shut down the city. Snow days meant your parents weren’t going to work…not because they had to watch you, but because their office was closed as well. Snow days always meant tons of time to play in the snow, because there was 6-10 inches of the stuff.

I’ve always been confused by Columbus’s policy of the “2-hour delay.” FOG causes a 2-hour delay. Heavy rain causes a 2-hour delay. This means working parents have to miss even more of their workday because…

1) School bus drivers can’t drive in the fog/rain?
2) Lawyers love a good “schoolchildren injured by weather” lawsuit?
3) Superintendents just don’t feel like working on gloomy days?

I can’t think of a good reason to postpone school and interrupt everyone’s lives for FOG?

But back to today’s rant: Why today is a snow day. It’s raining here in Columbus. Most of the snow is melting. So why is school closed? Why was the city in a panic last night?

Why do we base so many of our daily decisions on the ramblings of a guy that’s right about 40% of the time? Lewis Black said it best: “In Latin, meteorologist means LIAR. Al Roker was the weather man in NYC, and three years ago we had a blizzard. We were supposed to have, according to Al, 4 to 12 inches of snow. That’s his prediction. We had 36 inches. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was 2 feet off. That’s not even in the ballpark. If you were a roofer and you built a roof and it was two feet off, you’d still be serving time. Al Roker makes 1.5 million dollars a year as a weather person and he doesn’t know sh** about the weather.”


6 responses to “Snow Day? Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. MIke Avatar

    Snow days in Rhode Island came only during blizzards as I recall (I am old so I might of forgot one or two). The thing that always got me as a kid though is how they announced school closings for the RI School for the Deaf over the radio (think about that for a minute).

  2. Tim Avatar

    You don’t even have to go to Cleveland to find the sanity…I grew up an hour north of Columbus, and we’d have a snow day a year. Plenty of 2 hour delays for fog…need stopping distance to not hit a cow in the road. But the snow days down here anymore are PURELY liability insurance driven. (Think of the CHILDREN, MAN!!!)It’s an epidemic here, though. I had a parent call me before hockey practice tonight, “Are we still on because of the weather that’s coming in?” COMING IN??? Who cares! Yes we’re on, get your kid to the rink.

  3. Jon Kruger Avatar
    Jon Kruger

    I complain about this all the time! In Cleveland, you’d get 5 inches of snow, which meant that you got to throw snowballs at each other while waiting for the bus stop and then you got to go sledding when you got home.Down here, they get 2 inches in the morning and they cancel everything! Heaven forbid that little Johnny gets his feet wet from standing in the snow while waiting for the bus!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Somebody needs to let the tax payers know of this: Whenschool is canceled, some if not all the CPS building maintenanceworkers (painters,electricians, etc.) also get the dayoff? They are receiving a paid day off at thetaxpayers expense. When schools are empty, that would be the time whenthese workers shouldbe working in the schools. Their ability to get to workhave little barringon the same weather conditions that stop school busesfrom operating (i.e. the main reason for cancelingclasses). Taxpayers must demand this waste of money bestopped before any mention of approving anotheroperating levy.

  5. dan Avatar

    It’s because everyone is a nancy. In my day we walked to school both ways uphill through the snow…AND WE LIKED IT!!!!!!!

  6. Sarah Avatar

    Man… Columbus is pretty lame. I remember waking up really early back in high school, hoping that Parma City Schools would close, so that our high school would close. But nope, still had to wait for the bus at 6:45am in a half foot of snow because Parma City Schools almost never closed. Snow day… what’s that?

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