Columbus Lightning Talks

Tonight at the Columbus .NET Developers Group (CONDG), they are having 8 lightning talks as their presentation. Lightning talks are basically 10-15 minute presentations that go one after another, with 1 minute breaks for setup/teardown.

Here are the subjects that were presented:

Steve HornADO.NET
Matt CastoSilverlight (consuming ADO.NET)
Amanda Laucher/James BenderF#
Steve HarmanRhino Mocks
Brian SherwinLog4Net
Jon KrugerLINQ to SQL
John Vottero – PowerShell 4 Devs

These presentations were also videotaped, and will be made available on the CONDG website.

Also, in the early housekeeping, there were two major announcements made:

1) Brian Prince has accepted the Architect Evangelist role with Microsoft. He’ll be working alongside me in the Heartland.

2) Carey Payette was elected the new president of CONDG. Congratulations Carey.

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