I Like To Try New Things…

My family mocks me constantly because I LOVE new products. Technology, food, clothing…you name it, I’ll try it. If I like it, I’m also usually the first to tell everyone I know about it. Today is not one of those days.

Today I had the not-so-good fortune of trying the new A&W Float. It’s described as:

A creamy blend of Rich A&W and Ice Cream flavor

It tastes like neither ice cream nor root beer. It’s awful. And the aftertaste is even worse. As if I’ve been sucking on pennies I found on the street.

The bottle and packaging are beautiful. It’s a very curvy bottle with very “sodashop” branded wrapping around the bottle. It wasn’t until I poured this beverage into a glass that I understood why you can’t see into the bottle. It looks like dishwater. Just kind of a grayish-brown swill color. Here’s how I’d best describe it: Take a glass of water, and add a shotglass full of cola, and a shotglass full of milk. Now you have the appearance of an A&W Float.

Since this is something I will constantly have for review, expect more product reviews in the near future. Next up: Microsoft Home Server from HP.

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