Dean Hachamovich Keynote on IE8

Dean Hachamovich – General Manager, Internet Explorer

1. CSS 2.1 – incompatibilities are detrimental to developer progress. IE 8 seems to WORK! Interoperabilities are core. We’ve provided 702 test cases to the W3C for CSS standards testing. IE8 will interpret web-standards as precisely as can be interpreted.
2. CSS Certification
3. Performance – modern sites rely heavily on script. IE 8 is performing as well as Firefox and Safari, and it’s not done. The Back Button, with AJAX, is currently broken. IE 8 gives that power to the developer, so that Back works the way the user expects it to. Pages can be “connection aware” and change when you lose your connection.
4. HTML 5 Start
5. Developer Tools – in browser debugging of javascript and setting breakpoints, etc. CSS management and review on a LIVE page. Sweetness.
6. Activities – no more cutting and pasting from a web page. highlight, and get a menu with plenty of options like “show on map”, look up on ebay, search, etc.
7. WebSlices – save part of a page to the browser, and it updates LIVE when you access it. This is functionality enabled by developers.
8. IE8 Beta 1 is available NOW.

3 thoughts on “Dean Hachamovich Keynote on IE8

  1. I just downloaded IE8 Beta 1, no problem. Let’s hope it doesn’t take 2 more years to get a Release version

  2. joshua…sorry to upset you. it went live very soon after I posted that link….like minutes….did you get there?

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