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Microsoft Mix 08 Keynote (Ray Ozzie)

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Ray Ozzie talking about the “big picture” of Microsoft’s development momentum

Advertising is the economic engine for the web.
The internet is the medium for all future technologies. Content is king. Social networking is exploding. Significantly investing in search.

How is the internet shaping and transforming Microsoft’s products and services?

  1. The web is a hub. The hub of our technology experiences. There is an explosion of connected devices out there right now.
  2. The power of choice for when businesses embrace the cloud. All MS software will be re-engineered to enable “Server service symmetry.” Distributed and federated applications will rise.
  3. We need to embrace small pieces loosely joined. Think SOA. Transparency, standards, and interoperabilty are key. Multi-device development skills are becoming a necessity.

The next five years: everything about software development will change with the impact of the cloud on applications.

Keeps referring to your collection of internet-enabled devices as your ” personal device mesh.”

Connected Devices: imagine the bi-directional synchronization of all of your devices, with centralized web-based deployment.

Connected Entertainment: individuals will only have to license their media ONCE. And consume that media from all of their devices. Media entertainments services are progressively transforming to share media.

Connected Productivity: office for the PC, office mobile for the phone, office live for the web that will seamlessly integrate together. The web will become an “experience hub.” See Office Live Workspace. It will be the hob of our connected productivity strategy. Think Sharepoint, Exchange, etc.

Connected Business: CRM for all, not just the enterprise. Much more to come in 2008. Think Exchange, Sharepoint, and Communicator hosted services. SQL Server data services available to developers in the cloud.

Connected Development: Everything is .NET…ScottGu will expand on this later.


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