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There are three opportunities for you to get your “learn on,” for FREE, in the next month.

April 19 – Central Ohio Day of .NET – Wilmington, OH
Registration has already maxed out for this one at 250 people! A great number for the third year of this event! They will have 27 different sessions to choose from, and on top of being a great day of learning, I am putting together a little event afterwards for anyone that is sticking around at the Roberts Centre that night. More on that at the end of this post.

May 10 – West Michigan Day of .NET – Grand Rapids, MI
The second year for this event, in Grand Rapids, MI. The day will focus on the future of .NET an cover all the world-class technology Microsoft has or will release this year. In addition, the day will consist of breakout sessions with breakfast and lunch included!

May 17 – Cleveland Day of .NET – Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Day of .NET is a free one day conference targeted at developers using the Microsoft .NET platform. It is a collaborative effort among the various local user groups and is open to all developers, local or otherwise. This event is occurring on Saturday, May 17, 2008 from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

There will be numerous sessions to choose from covering a variety of topics. The exact session list will be coming in a few weeks but you can look forward to topics such as:

DLR / IronRuby / IronPython
SharePoint / MOSS
SQL Server 2008
… many more

Poker .NET (Newbies Encouraged to Try)
I am hosting a Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament for the first 20 responding attendees of the Central Ohio Day of .NET. It will be held at the Robert Centre, the evening of the CODODN. I’ve reserved a “parlor suite” that will accomodate us with a full (unstocked) wetbar, refrigerator, and furniture for hanging out. You are welcome to bring anything you’d like to eat and drink while you’re there.

We will get started with the tournament at 8:00 PM…plenty of time to hang out with folks after the CODODN and still have some fun in the evening playing cards with your geek friends. The hotel room also has accomodations for sleeping, so if you were looking for a place to crash after the event, I can provide that for a few travelers as well.

The buy-in will be $20, and all of the rules, etc. will be provided when you arrive. Expect your standard Hold’em rules to apply. Please contact me directly at jeffrey.blankenburg@microsoft.com to “register.”


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