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Dairy Queen Is Underrated

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They advertise plenty. They have the quintessential frozen treat name. They’re in every small town. And their food is delicious.

So why doesn’t anyone eat there? When I mention that I had lunch at Dairy Queen, most people act disgusted. You “ate” there? Anyone will go there for their ice cream, but their food seems to be taboo.

I’m here to tell you, it’s good. The burgers are flavorful. The chicken is juicy. The onion rings are at the top of their game. And on top of all that, you can get some great ice cream after your meal!

So pose the question to you, my dear readers, what’s your opinion of DQ? And don’t let my opinion get in the way. Seriously, why isn’t Dairy Queen just dominating the fast food market? It’s far better than McDonald’s and Burger King, that’s for sure.


12 responses to “Dairy Queen Is Underrated”

  1. Jon Kruger Avatar
    Jon Kruger

    I like DQ but the problem is that I have to pass Graeter’s to get there, so it never happens.

  2. Matt Casto Avatar
    Matt Casto

    I’m not sure if they still have it, but I love their basket with chicken strips, texas toast, french fries and gravy to dip it in! Mmmm … grease!

  3. Gina Avatar

    I agree that Dairy Queen’s food is great. I will get cravings for the Dairy Queen cheeseburger or double cheeseburger like they’re freaking White Castles. And yes, I get cravings for White Castles too (I swear I eat healthy most of the time~!). So to those who are reacting with “You ate there?”, I say — they’re loss. Sure, if the DQ close to them isn’t clean, I wouldn’t eat there either. Neither would I frequent a dirty McD, BK or Wendy’s. But if you’re lucky enough to be by a good Dairy Queen, you’re cheating yourself to not consider it an eating option as well. I’m getting a craving for their breaded mushrooms just from typing this ~ 🙂

  4. James Bender Avatar
    James Bender

    To be honest, almost every DQ I’ve ever been in has seemed very dirty and unkempt. I generally buy the ice cream stuff that’s sealed in a bag or package. It’s probably fine, but…

  5. Alan Stevens Avatar
    Alan Stevens

    There are two reasons I go to DQ: dip cones and Coke floats. Nobody competes on those two treats.We don’t have a DQ in Knox Vegas, so I like to stop when I’m on the road.++Alan

  6. Steve Barbour Avatar
    Steve Barbour

    I’m a big fan of their hot dogs as well. Yeah, DQ is usually a little grungy / run down, but frankly anyplace that serves a decent hot dog has to be a little time worn.And there are DQs in Knoxvegas. You just gotta look a little harder.Knoxville DQs

  7. Laura Avatar

    Ok I tend to agree that some DQ’s do not seem as clean as other chain food places. The food itself is really yummy. I live nearby one (probably about 5 mins away) so I usually just pick up a Mushroom Swiss burger and bring it home to munch down.

  8. Sarah Avatar

    You didn’t mention the hot dogs! Seriously, though, I’m finicky when it comes to hot dogs in general, and DQ’s makes the cut.But their marketing is mostly ice cream commercials, so it’s easy to see how DQ doesn’t compete seriously with the rest of them. Maybe more ads for their burgers than blizzards and other ice cream treats? Take it up with their marketing department if you really want to see them take a stronger position against BK and McD’s!

  9. Shawn Avatar

    I actually worked at DQ for 3 years in high school. First time I have had it since then was about year ago…oh how I have missed thee. Big fan cold AND hot treats!

  10. Dan H Avatar
    Dan H

    I love DQ… the ice cream, the steamed hot dogs, the fries, all of it. Plus it’s healthier than most other “comparable” fast food. My uncle owned one until about 10 years ago so it was free DQ at will!

  11. Steve Smith Avatar
    Steve Smith

    I agree, they’re often not the cleanest inside. Also, from a purely marketing standpoint, they have almost zero mindshare as a burger joint – everyone has them filed under ‘ice cream’ in their head. Going there for something other than ice cream is a big disconnect. It would be a major challenge for them, especially with their current positioning and NAME, to compete seriously with McD’s/BK/Wendy’s.

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