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I Like To Talk…

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I like speaking in public. I really enjoy it. But it’s been far too long since I’ve done it. And my next scheduled talk isn’t until the end of August, at DevLink.

I’m posting this message to let the world know that I’m ready to get back in the game. Please contact me at jeffrey.blankenburg@microsoft.com if you would like me to come talk to your developers, whether that’s internal to your company, or at a user group in your community. I will do my best to accomodate all requests. I’ve got several new talks ready, as well as a few older favorites that audiences enjoy.

Here they are:

* Building Next Generation Web Apps With Visual Studio 2008
This talk is an overview of Visual Studio 2008 and some of the great new features it has to offer. This includes tools and techniques ranging from the Split view design pane to effectively using LINQ.

* Silverlight 101: The Basics
This talk really is an introduction. We’ll talk about XAML, build a basic application, and show the integration with Expression Blend. I would recommend this for any group that wants to get their feet wet with Silverlight.

* Silverlight 301: Way More Than A Spinning Button
In this talk, we will learn how to build a Silverlight application that talks to a SQL server through a WCF web service. We will render the content in a visually appealing way using XAML. And if you ask nicely, I’ll even spin a button for ya.

* Cool Microsoft Stuff: The Technologies You Have To Try
This is an overview of some of the amazing things Microsoft is working on behind the scenes. Some of them are available in beta form, but you’re guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before. This includes technologies like Photosynth, Deep Zoom, and Live Mesh.

* XNA Anyone?
This talk will walk you through the basics of game development using XNA as the platform. We will also talk about game development for the Zune.


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