The Bus To DevLink

We (and by we I primarily mean Amanda Laucher) are organizing a bus trip to Nashville for DevLink. This might be one of the single greatest ways to get to know your fellow developers in the community.

The bus will start in Grand Rapids, MI, heading down through Detroit to Columbus, OH, through Cincinnati, and down to Nashville, TN. If all works out, we should have Wi-Fi, xboxes, and perhaps even LAN gaming if we can pull it off.

I will almost definitely be on this bus. Many of the people you have seen speaking at Day of .NET events will be there. And so should you. We are also looking for sponsorship, so if your company would like an opportunity to get their names and products in front of some of the best, most influential software developers in this region of the country, please contact Amanda.

On top of that, the bus actually takes you someplace. In Nashville, there’s an amazing technical conference called DevLink. It’s two full days of technical sessions, and after my attendance last year, I wanted to make sure I was speaking there this year.

I’ll be presenting a session on Next Generation Web Applications in Visual Studio 2008. I’m really looking forward to this trip. And I hope I can share this bus trip with you.

Who is going to DevLink?

3 thoughts on “The Bus To DevLink

  1. I’ve already called “Dibs” on seat near the back… where the driver can’t see any shenanigans we’re getting into! 🙂

  2. It ALMOST makes me wish I didn’t live in Nashville. I’ll be helping out at DevLink, this year in Murfreesboro, TN and can’t wait!

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