Extraordinary Nut Snack

According to their website, “TrueNorth is a contemporary new brand of 100% natural, great tasting nut snacks made by Frito-Lay“. What their website doesn’t tell you, however, is that they’ve got the next viral commercial on the web. I just saw this last night, and needed to share it with all of you.

Here’s a link to the video if it doesn’t show up in your RSS aggregator.

Speaking of RSS aggregators, that’s what my “real” post today will be about.

4 thoughts on “Extraordinary Nut Snack

  1. I’m pretty sure they changed it twice. I swear I heard “Nut Sack” the first time or two that I heard it. Then I heard them say “Nut Snack,” and it sounded like they were emphasizing/enunciating the “snack.” Now they just say “Extraordinary Snack”

  2. OK I really need to get my mind of the gutter…I watched and listened to that video a couple times. Are they saying “Extraordinary Nut Snack” OR “Extraordinary Nut Sack”???Regardless, it has very nice packaging for a gas station product.

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