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I hate Vista. I’m moving to Windows Mojave.

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So I’ve heard the bad press. I’ve seen the pc vs. mac ads. I’ve heard my friends’ complaints about crashing, security, and speed.

That’s why I’m moving to Windows Mojave. It seems Microsoft finally got an OS right.

Check this out:


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12 responses to “I hate Vista. I’m moving to Windows Mojave.”

  1. Mel Grubb Avatar
    Mel Grubb

    Greg, to be fair, the UAC prompts are SUPPOSED to be annoying you so that you’ll nag whoever wrote the software you’re using to stop assuming you have God rights on your box. Every time you get an elevation prompt it’s because someone either 1) couldn’t think of a better way to solve a problem. 2) was too lazy to do something the right way.or very rarely3) Really really has to do something admin-level.This last one is definitely the minority case, though.

  2. Samuel Avatar

    I will reply to the MSOffice 07 comments and all I have to say is that, office '07 is just one step in the right direction. I think Microsoft is taking the right direction with it, they just need to do so much more.What they are doing right:-With the banner things are organized the way they should have been, I shouldn't go to view to set my headers and footers.-Design and Formatting are separated-(really my main pt was the first one 🙂 )What they have yet to do:-Make the rest of the menus more context sensitive, meaning that the same wierd containers for elements that don't quite fit together is still there and the changes that were made to the banner should be trickled down into all of the UI.How users of pre MSOffice '07 need to approach '07:-when you use Office '07 recall not how to do what you want to do, but that Office '07 can do it.-With that prior pt in hand now think logically as to where that feature should be(and you'll be surprised to find that it's actually there 🙂 )Those are my thoughts on Office '07… as far as the whole Vista thing goes hmmm…. I will be getting a MacBook Pro 😀 later this year and am also a big of virtualizing so if I were to run Windows I would run it as a vm.~Samuel M.(and no I'm not deconstructing myself)

  3. Greg Finzer Avatar
    Greg Finzer

    I am probably the only developer that has this opinion but I think Vista is counter productive. 1. The horrible security prompts when doing anything. I would rather have malware than to have all the prompts. 2. The file dialogs which are more friendly for non-developers but the defaults are counter productive for developers. Thank God for Directory Opus. 3. The new start menu where you have to type again like in the old dos days. 4. Vista crashes all the time with my laptop when there is a windows update.5. Vista doesn’t play very nice with Windows XP workgroups and file sharing.Don’t get me started about Office 2007.

  4. regev Avatar

    Nice little experiment… it’s actually quite amazing how Microsoft has plunged into such an apologetic position with vista, for no good reason really. I’m guessing that Microsoft’s business rivals must have put a lot of PR money into shifting the public’s opinion against it. Otherwise I simply can not understand the resentment.

  5. Dan H Avatar
    Dan H

    After watching the “why is it faster” skeptic my XP work laptop threw a BSOD for the first time in 18 months…. the “Vista Virus” is spreading! 😉

  6. blindman Avatar

    “Just to share my experience with Word 2007…. I have used it to write a senior design paper (120 pages) with very complex features/styling with great success. 2007 saved me countless hours. I’m sorry you can’t adapt”Saved you countless hours compared to what? Compared to pencil and paper? That is a meaningless statement unless you tell us what other applications you tried to use.I’m sorry you didn’t write your paper in Open Office. Based on my experience it would have saved your countless MORE hours.

  7. Evan Avatar

    Being a person that has a beef with a number of things coming out with Microsoft, criticism is something I’m not shy about.That being said, I think whining about the new version of office is rather lame. I can’t find any reasons to dislike it–unless a person is just anti-change (in which case no upgrade would do). In fact, I like it significantly better than the older version. Many of the new features I’m finding extremely useful–specifically the new stuff to help with formatting (the default themes rock!)..

  8. Jeff Hunsaker Avatar
    Jeff Hunsaker

    Follower. Baaahhh. 😉

  9. Chris Avatar

    Looks like the “mojave” site is too cool to use silverlight.

  10. Erik Avatar

    Why didn’t they use Silverlight for this little advert? =P

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